"I took a picture with Lee Hi sunbaenim,
I have famous friends like this."

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i want WIN rapper line sub unit ever since WIN ep 4. I thought it will be the most epic thing ever but i just watched their YG fam con performance and….man, that was a mess. 

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Anonymous: who do you ship lee hi with?

hurm……………… TOP?

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ABC's of Kang Daesung

D-8 to Daesung’s Birthday (14.04.26)

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So I tried to understand the so called unfairness, I truly did. Things like: baby LeeHi hasn’t perform in Japan yet and WINNER had, how Team B was popular thanks to the influence of WIN:WHO´S NEXT reality show.

All of this made sense when I saw the concert line up. HOWEVER, after seeing the fancams and hearing the WHOLE FREAKING VENUE chanting to 1,2,3 4 a song that has NEVER EVER being advertise out of korea)  I’m like HOLD DA FUCK UP! YG…dearest yg GET YUR SHIT TOGETHER!

And I pray, I FUCKING REALLY DO, for a freaking lineup change for the concert in korea bcuz mama here needs some soul driven sulky voice filling her soul right now, and baby hayi is the only one capable of doing that.

( and yes I know that phrase can be understood in different ways, but IDFC)

^^^^ PREACH. 

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